Instruction Set for Strangers: Occupy Wall Street

This MFADT assignment required us to design/develop an "object" that could be deployed in a public space to prompt interaction and discourse. Seizing the opportunity to explore the boundaries of free speech and to interact with the growing crowds at Zucotti Park, we designed and built a giant (portable) crossword puzzle. Faced with the challenges of restricted space, law enforcement activity and public safety, we designed our entire installation to be low-tech, modular, moveable and easy to setup. We carried the pieces into the park, assembled our installation and enjoyed a day full of lively interaction with the OWS protesters (...and the NYPD). The theme of the puzzle was "Those Who Profit From Ignorance Fear Knowledge" – download the crossword puzzle and try it yourself. (Thanks to fellow designer Xiaoye Lin!) [gallery link="file"]